Heavy Engineering M38 B9700 (Sluban)

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This is a building block set made by a Chinese company called "Century Youyi Toys Co" and they’re sold under the brand name “Sluban" The brand is named after the famous Chinese inventor Lu Ban. These sets are very popular in Europe and Asia, but are not yet well known in the USA. The sets are relatively simple designs, like Trucks, Construction equipment, airplanes, etc.. They they’re a high quality alternative to the other well known building blocks. They’re able to sell them at a much lower cost because they’re not implemeting licensed trademark designs. Like those based off of movies or cartoon characters. These building blocks comply with the strict toy safety standards of both North American AND European (EEC) regulations and have passed and obtained the toy certificate for China Compulsory Certification (CCC). Century Youyi Toys makes several brands and series of toys sold all over the world, and they’re also ISO 9001 certified company. I feel comfortable letting my children play with these toys, and if you purchase one for your child you can rest assured that this is a safe toy, made of safe materials, and meets all applicable safety standards. These sets do contain small parts and should not be played with by children under 6. These blocks are NOT Legos and do not have any affiliation with that company or trademark. In general the blocks are compatible and interchangeable, however with all the possible variations in both types of blocks, complete compatibility is not guaranteed. The writing on the box is mostly in Chinese, however the assembly instructions consist of pictures and numbers, so there is no language barrier The figures are fully posable and the set contains 5 of them. There’s also compartments for them to sit in the Dump Truck and the Excavator. The details of the sets including the generator cart, and construction cones, etc, can be seen in the pictures.

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