Railway Station (station waiting hall) - Sluban

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250 gram

Dukungan Pengiriman
JNE OKE, JNE ONS, JNE REG, Pos Express Next Day, Pos Kilat Khusus, TIKI REG, TIKI ONS

Sluban is a new brand of building bricks and is fully compatible with other brick brands. Sluban bricks are approximately 60% cheaper than other building blocks. With a variety of themes like Land Forces for the boys and Star Dreamworks for the girls. Sluban offers much fun for young and old!

Sluban started its production in 2004 and is now available worldwide. Sluban is made of high quality materials and all products are CE, ROHS and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Sluban Blocks is based on different ages of children's thinking characteristics, targeted to carry on the design. Its very helpful to develop children's intellegence.

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Lau Toys

DKI Jakarta

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